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We serve businesses and non profits, but the philosophy is the same:  Get the message across.  Business websites should bring customers to your door and add value to your brand.  Non profit websites should build advocacy and financial support among your base.  That means a Blue Truck website is built with the end user in mind.  With a focus on user-convenience, easy navigation, and attractive art and design, our work is about getting you where you want to go. 

So hop in the ol’ blue truck with us, and let’s go for a ride.  We want to build a website for you that takes you where you want to go!

In a world where everything is DIY, some things should be left to a Professional. That’s where we come in! We can handle everything for you, from content writing to design then building all the way to the marketing of your website.

You can get a Website ANYWHERE, but what’s really hard to find is a quality level of support AFTER your website is setup. We encourage you to do some research on us or anyone you are considering buying your website from. Find out what things are like afterwards when you’re going to need some help making changes.