Why are we called Blue Truck?

Many people ask, “Why did you name your company “Blue Truck?”  It’s a great story. 
When Gary was 22, he inherited his Grandpa Willie’s 1978 baby blue Chevy step side pickup.  It was a long bed.  It was a work truck.  And it belonged to his grandfather, a man he loved and admired more than any other person.  

In a moment of desperation, he sold the truck to a friend for $750 with the promise that the friend would only sell it back to him later. Unfortunately, the friends lost touch and the truck got sold and can’t be found now.  
That truck became an icon of something worth very little in dollars, but a fortune in memories and real worth.  It’s a modern day version of the “field of great value” in the Bible. It has hidden value, that is only understood when the story of Grandpa Willie is told.  Stories about his service in World War II, how he grew up in the depression and built a home and farm for his family with hard work and sweat.  And stories about how Gary spent much of his childhood alongside the man, watching, working, learning.   
We bet you have a  “Blue Truck” in your memory, or a “Blue Truck” in your dreams.  You have a vision of what your company can become, and you’re working hard to get there.  So we invite you to consider us for your web/social/print marketing services so that our “blue truck” can be a work tool that helps you realize your dreams.  
The original Blue Truck is gone.  Pretty sure it’ll never be found.  But if you ever run across a blue truck with the VIN “CCU 148B116271” you can rest assured that Gary will reward your find.  We also love pictures of old blue trucks, so email those you find to us at info@bluetruckwhat.com.  
In the meantime, let’s get to work taking you where you dream of going. 

Blue Truck